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Learning from the OT Leaders | Introduction

Learning from the OT Leaders | Introduction

June 11, 2019

At the end of this sermon we arrived at the following convictions that we need in our hearts before we further go down in this series.
1. We are all called to lead
2. We are all called to influence
3. We commit to learn from the lives of the OT leaders
4. These men and women are commented by God
5. Leaders are defined by their characteristics
6. True leaders are truly teachable
7. The underlying cause of unteachable spirit is pride
8. We are willing to ask God for a spirit of submission that accepts discipline and correction.

Listen to the sermon to know more about these convictions.

Birth of a Leader

Birth of a Leader

May 28, 2019

Exodus Chapter 2:1-25
- Moses was a born leader
- Leaders are not born in palace
- Leaders need to be protected
- God connects a leader with the leader
- Great leaders develop their skills
- Great leaders are courageous
- Devil is against good leaders
- A leader has to protect himself
- Its time to learn spiritual things
- Leaders are content with what they have

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