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Moms Make NextGen Leaders

June 11, 2019

David was a great king.
• Before he was a king, he was a soldier. He was a faithful soldier, He did what Saul had asked him to do
• Before he was a soldier, he was an armor bearer for Saul. He just carried the sword.
• Before he was an armor bearer, he was a song writer and musician. When Saul was depressed, David sang and played his instrument.
• Before he was a song writer, he was a shepherd, doing his family business.
• Before he was a shepherd, he was a son, learnt to be obedient, hardworking, learned all the required skills and prepared for the future.

All the skills required to be a shepherd, musician, soldier, and leadership abilities were developed at home.
- Who were his parents?
- Jesse's doubt on the purity of his ancestry.
- Jesse's separation from Nitzevet
- David's younger age at home
- David's mother's responsibility of bringing up this ill-fated child.
She perfected in her responsibility by bringing up David
1. To stand firm in front of his adversaries
2. To cast his complete reliance upon the Lord
3. To take personal risks for the sake of doing God's will

Listen to the sermon to know more about the influence of David's mom in his life.

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