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Your Situation Doesn’t Matter

September 30, 2020

We understood that "our situation doesn't matter" from the life of Daniel.
For a child of God, when you are in the middle of an adverse situation, your situation doesn't matter for you. Because you are in God's hands. We structed our sermon as below.
1. Your Situation Doesn't Matter for You
   a. Daniel Was Trapped (Daniel 6:4-9)
   b. Situation Did not Change Daniel (Daniel 6:10
2. Your Situation doesn't Matter to God
   a. Man cannot Deliver (Daniel 6:14
   b. Only God can Deliver (Daniel 6:18
- 23)
In closing, we asked these questions.
• What are those traps in which you have fallen?
• What are those areas where you already compromised?
• What are those men pleasing moments of your life?
• What are those power hungry and money thirsty decisions you made?
• When are those moments men appeared to be helping more than God?
• When are those moments you depended on people than God?
• You may not see an angel, but are you still trusting in God? Your miracle cannot come from man, it has to come from God.

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