Words of Life|Pastor Balan Swaminathan|HIPM

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

May 28, 2019

Summary: (don't believe in lies)

1. Worry about many things (lie)- One thing that is needed, that is eternity, I will worry about that (truth)
2. Your prayer is not doing anything (lie) - I know God’s choice is the best for my life (truth)
3. You lost everything (lie) - My God can give it back in many fold, He is the God of Job (truth)
4. Satan is attacking me (lie)- Satan can’t attack me, I am going to use the God given authority (truth)
5. They don’t seek God, but they are blessed (lie)- They don’t have peace, they don’t have sleep and their end is destruction. But I am peaceful, content and eternally blessed (truth)
6. I can’t do it, I am not like someone else (lie) - I can do it through Christ Jesus who strengthens me (truth)

God’s ways are different:

1. God wants ordinary to make extraordinary
2. You say, you are such a failure, God says you are precious
3. You say, you are broken, but God says I want to use you to remove other’s brokenness
4. You say, you don’t have a degree, God says, I need the humble
5. You say, you are not capable, God says, you have a vision for this ministry
6. God doesn’t want golden vessels, He wants yielded vessels
7. God doesn’t want those who are busy, God wants those who are available