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Seeing the Unseen

August 18, 2020

We are living in a time when we get easily discouraged if we look at the things which are seen. Paul is urging us to look at the things that are unseen. We need eyes of faith to see the things that are unseen and eternal in nature. Paul is also warning about the deceptive nature of our senses and the temporary nature of what is seen.

Let us understand as Paul talks about the
1. Perishing nature of human body and the renewing nature of inner man
2. Afflicting nature of this world and the rewarding nature of heaven
3. Tangible nature of this life and the unseen nature of eternity

Why are we discouraged and how can we overcome the discouragement.
1. We worry about this perishing body, but God wants us to work towards renewing the inner man
2. We worry about the afflicting nature of this world, but God is asking us to think about the rewarding nature of heaven
3. We try to satisfy all the senses of our body, but God is asking us to try seeing what is unseen.
4. We think everything around us is permanent. No, its all going to go away from us, what is unseen is permanent and eternal.

Listen to the sermon and be encouraged to continue to do what you are expected to do.

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