Words of Life|Pastor Balan Swaminathan|HIPM

Revive the Sleeping Child

June 11, 2019

Scripture Reading: Mark 5:21 - 24, 35 - 43 Comparing the whole process of Jesus reviving the dead child with the revival that God is going to send upon the church. We can't think of revival of a thing which never lived before. Only the church can be revived, the rest of the mankind is going to see the impact of the revival and receive life.

Need for revival - Jairus realized that his daughter is in need of revival. So he came to Jesus. We need a worldwide spiritual awakening now.

Believe for revival - Jesus wanted Jairus to believe that his daughter will revive. God wants us to believe the revival that is about to come upon this land. If God has done that in the past He will do it again.

Be part of the revival - Only Peter, John and James were permitted in the revival. It is one thing to long for the revival, but it is another thing to be part of the revival. God wants us to be part of the revival by praying, preaching and facilitating.

Impact of revival - When Jesus revived the child, not only she got revived, that revival brought great amazement. When revival comes its going to impact people with supernatural amazement.