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Responding to Crisis

April 21, 2020

What must be the response of the church in a crisis such as COVID-19? Concerning a child of God, there are seven different beings involved in or affected by any crisis. Who are they? God, Authorities, Believers, Community, Family, Self and rest of the World. What must be our response to each of them?
1. Response to God - We must humble, pray, seek God and turn away from our wickedness.
2. Response to Authorities - We must obey, support, and reflect what they communicate
3. Response to Fellow Believers - Socialize while isolating by calling, talking, and having virtual or online fellowship to encourage, love, care and motivate one another.
4. Response to Community (nonbelievers) - Show confidence, courage, hope, offer help, express care, and share the reason for your confidence
5. Response to Your own family - Be compassionate, be submissive, be loving, caring and encouraging one another
6. Response to yourself - Understand your inability, self-care, do not carry the burden, lay them down at the foot of the cross, share with others and love yourself by regularly exercising and eating healthy.
7. Response to rest of the World - Make sure your bank account is linked to a program that feeds at least one hungry soul each day. Support the child sponsorship or food assistance programs to feed the hungry.

Listen to the sermon where these responses are elaborated with the help of God’s Word.

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