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Relationship Under Attack | It’s Never too Late (Concluding Sermon)

May 29, 2019

This sermon is part of the "Must Listen Series". Don't skip, but listen.

We discussed about how to repair the damages that were already made and prevent the families from future damages.
1. Don't allow every junk into your house
Video games that killed people in real life
Movies that killed people in real life
Children exposed to these will not listen to parents, become rebellious,disobedient.

2. Learn to forgive each other
Never stop forgiving
Forgive for you to be forgiven
Don't retaliate
Confess when you are at fault

3. Fly, if you can catch the time
Spend time with your spouse
Spend time with your parents
Spend time with your children
Balance work and family (money & time)

4. You need other's support
Love each other
Respect each other
Encourage & Appreciate

5. Relationships and serving God
When it comes to the call of God, call of God comes first, rest are all secondary.
When God called Paul, he did not consult with his family
God's call is for the entire family
Same time, never allow ministry to damage the relationship

Listen to the sermon and protect your family relationship from the attacks.

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