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Nothing but Prayer | Replaces Anxiety

April 23, 2019

Some one says, There is one disease that kills more than cancer. It kills more than tobacco. It kills more than HIV, war, and bad diet combination. 

Do you know what it is?

- The number one killer of people is stress.
- Stress drives tobacco smoking, as well as alcoholism, addiction, and drug abuse in general.
- Stress causes depression, anxiety, rage, war, and suicide.
- Stress weakens both the human mind and the human body, thus allowing other genetic or infectious diseases to gain a foothold and further deteriorate the body.
- Stress can lead to overeating, and bad habits like eating fast food regularly.
- Stress can weaken marriages, families, and economies.
- Stress can break apart churches, communities, and political bodies.
- Stress is our number one killer.

There are worries in our heart for no reason.  Today God is telling us to stop worrying.  It doesn't matter if there is a reason for worry or not, God is telling you today to come out of your worry.

How does prayer help us to come out of anxiety? Listen to the sermon to know more. 

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