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Miracles Do Happen

September 6, 2019

Mark Ch. 5 presents such a beautiful picture of healing and deliverance. But when it comes to Mark Ch. 6, we see Jesus started facing challenges.
- Jesus was rejected at Nazareth (Mark 6:1-6)
- John the Baptist was beheaded (Mark 6:27-29)
- Jesus not finding time to rest and to pray (Mark 6:30-33)
- Not having enough to feed five thousand (Mark 6:35-38)
- Wind was against the boat and the disciples were perishing (Mark 6:47-48)
Here are the truths concerning the troubles you are going through in your life.
1. Today you are in a situation that is not caused by you
2. You don't have any control over the challenges
3. Remember, you are not the only one fighting this battle
4. Miracles do happen in the middle of the troubles
Listen to the sermon to get encouraged and to come out of what you are dealing with today.

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