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Jewish Passover - Biblical truth or just a tradition?

June 11, 2019

First of all I would acknowledge David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus for his amazing teaching on Passover that I could borrow some of his teaching resources including the graphics.

Get to know the step by step approach of observing Passover.
- Searching of the Leaven
- Lighting of the festival candles
- Significance of pillows in the chairs around the dinner tables
- Father takes the role of the priest
- Four questions asked by the children
- Four cups of the ceremony
- First Cup - Kiddush - Sanctification
- Passover Seder
- Items in the Passover Seder plate
- Second Cup - The cup of Plagues
- Matzoh Tosh
- Third cup is the cup of Blessings/Redemption
- Fourth cup - Cup of Praise

What is that we need to do after learning about Passover?

1. Passover is observed very orderly. We need this discipline.
2. We need to have the fear of God in our lives
3. We need to involve children and encourage them to ask questions as parents we sit together and answer them
4. Need to take time to meditate the redemption as God brought the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery
5. Need to meditate on the ultimate redemption and the sacrifice of the lamb of God at the cross 6. We can't take this sacrifice granted
7. We have to share this good news of redemption to the gentiles who don't know Jesus yet
8. We need to pray for the Jews who are still waiting for Messiah that they may find the real Messiah.