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Is it Strange to Feel Rejected?

May 24, 2021

The feeling of rejection is not uncommon. Even though the feeling of rejection is painful, our God had already experienced rejection and who is able to reverse every rejection into a blessing if you are willing to remove the feeling of rejection from your heart. Listen to the sermon to know how we could do this.
• God can reverse your rejection into a blessing.
• Whatever rejection you are going through today, do not allow that to damage your life.
• Rejection is painful, its frustrating, do not try to transfer that pain and frustration to others.
• Your rejection can trigger God's favor on you.
• Allow God to turn your rejection into compassion to make a difference in others lives.
• Do not allow your rejection to turn into bitterness.
• Your rejection has to be dealt with, otherwise its going to hide in your heart and show its ugly head in the next opportunity.
• If you allow even a tiny bit of rejection to stick into your soul, its going to infect your soul, your hurt is going to control you and poison all the relationships around you.
• If you still carry the feeling of rejection within you, it allows a foothold for the enemy in your life.
• According to John 10:10
enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, enemy will convince you saying - you are unloved, you are unworthy, you are unaccepted.
But if you give all your rejections to God, He will reverse them into blessings.

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