Words of Life|Pastor Balan Swaminathan|HIPM


August 8, 2020

When Jesus performed the miracle of feeding 5000 plus people, Bible says, after the miracle took place, the disciples gathered twelve baskets full of fragments that remained. Fragments are the result of breakage. Any kind of breakage leaves fragments. Life events are capable of breaking our lives and leaving fragments.God wants to do something meaningful and beautiful with the leftover fragments of your life. Listen to the sermon.

Sermon outline:

• Fragments are the broken pieces of the bread
• Fragments represent our lives as we are also broken in every way
Fragments have no specific shape
• Jesus didn't make fragments.
• Fragments have no specific shape as they are broken pieces of the original substance.
• Fragments can fit into any basket or container because of their shapelessness and size.
Fragments are made of the same material
• Even though you are broken, still you are called to be what God wants you to be.
• Those gifts may be dormant in your life, God will revive them
• Still you are a child of God
Fragments can feed the dogs (gentiles), not the children
Today's Gentiles:
• Non-Christians
• Outcasts & Neglected
• NexGen Kids
Your Ministry is
• Not inside four walls
• Christianity is already saturated
• Christians don't need you

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