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Evangelism | John, the Baptist or Evangelist?

July 18, 2019

Luke 3:1-22 John the Baptist was not just a Prophet, not just a Baptist, but an Evangelist too. We answered the following questions from the life and from the ministry of John.
1. Who was John the Baptist?
2. What was the message John preached?
3. How can we escape the coming wrath of God?

What is a false Gospel?
• Message of love telling that God is love, he never punishes people is not the Gospel of Jesus
• Gospel message that is not confronting sin and not warning people to escape the coming wrath of God is not the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the lie of the enemy.

What is a true Gospel?
• Message of love is telling people that He is a holy God, He hates sin, sinning soul must be punished, if you believe Jesus, your sins can be forgiven and you can escape the eternal fire.

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