Words of Life|Pastor Balan Swaminathan|HIPM

Devil‘s Attack on Mind | Mental Health

November 10, 2021

Devil causes some of the most common mental illnesses and if we are careful, we can overcome such attacks easily. He brings sicknesses on our way, if that doesn't work he throws family issues and if that doesn't work, he brings mental illnesses. Today the Devil is attacking lives and telling lies in their ears.
• He throws negative thoughts in our minds and makes us to get discouraged.
• He makes us to think so low about us that we feel inadequate to do anything.
• He makes us to lose our enthusiasm so that we become useless for anyone.
• He causes us to worry unnecessarily and robs the joy out of our lives
• He convinces us of not having any purpose and use for our existence and makes us ineffective.
Listen to the sermon to know how you can keep yourself not getting attacked by the devil.

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