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Church | One but Many

April 23, 2019

Many times non-Christians ask us about how we have one Bible, one God but why are there different churches, ministries and denomination? We need to understand the diversity the Word of God is talking about. 

1 Corinthians 12 in a description of the church as the body of Christ:

- Verses 4 to 13: One Body
- Verses 14 to 20: Many Members
- Verse 21: Inter-dependency (we need each other)
- Verses 22-25: Same Honor & Care
- Verse 26: Participating & Sharing

The body of Christ need to be protected to present it to Christ when He comes back.  It is our  responsibility as being the members of this body.

Being one body, having one head - Christ;
As many members responsible for our role,
Depending on each other,
Giving same honor and care,
Participating & sharing with each other.


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