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Church | Ark of Protection

April 23, 2019

The ark that was built by Noah, the ark that protected Noah and his family when the whole earth was destroyed very well resembles the church in the New Testament. I strongly believe there is more than enough evidence that the ark of the Old Testament is the church of the New Testament.

- Noah's ark separated the godly from the ungodly, the church is the threshing floor where the wheat is separated form the chaff
- Noah's ark protected the righteous seed of Noah, you seed, your children need to be protected, the only way to give that protection is to bring them into the church
- Noah's job was to build the ark, it was up to God to destroy the wicked.  Church's responsibility is to save souls, God will decided the judgment
- God asked Noah to work hard to collect food for one long year and to feed the animals. Church has to work hard to feed the souls if not, soul becomes weary and sorrowful.

I thank God for our church.  I thank God for all the churches.  Let us be like Noah fulfilling the God given responsibility to the church so that we may be protected. 

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