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Characteristics of the Early Church | A Sharing Church

May 5, 2019

We read in Acts 2:44-45, Acts 4:32: The early church was a sharing church.  They enjoyed everything in common. 

You may say that how was it possible not to own anything, instead selling all their property and sharing with other?  But the Bible says, that’s how it happened in the early church.

You may say that the church can be a learning church, it can be a united church and even we can stay in prayer and fasting so that miracles can happen.  But how do you expect us to sell all that we possess and distribute it to everyone?  Today people are willing to write the will on their property once they know they are going to die, not when they are alive.

But the early church was willing to write their will on someone else's name even when they were alive.

- I believe more than the act of selling and sharing, we are more interested in the motive behind the act of sharing
- I believe the early church was not setting their mind on what they possess, instead their mind was on God
- I believe the early church was willing to sacrifice even their land, possession, savings, earnings for the sake of  unity and building God's kingdom


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