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Walking Through the Epistles | 9. Cast Out the Bondwoman

March 13, 2020

Galatians 4:21-31, 5:1-6. This is how we concluded Ch.4
• Paul is saying, the law center, which is the religious power center "earthly Jerusalem" is going to be destroyed, but there is an eternal living "heavenly Jerusalem" that is built for those who have faith in Jesus Christ will never be destroyed.
• Paul is saying you don’t need to die for your "faith on the law based religion", because Christ died for you.
• Martyrdom for the law based system doesn't take one to heaven, but martyrs of faith on Christ will be found in heaven.
• Once we receive Christ, we are no more children of the bondwoman, we are children of the living God.
• The followers of the law (Jews) becoming thinner and thinner and getting extinguished on the face of the earth. But the followers of Christ (including Christ following Jews) is flourishing.

In following or not following any religious practices, what is important is our motivation. If we do anything with an attitude of pleasing God, honoring God, it means something. If not, observing or not observing any practice is of no use.

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