Words of Life|Pastor Balan Swaminathan|HIPM

Elijah Taken into Heaven | Miracles of Elijah

May 25, 2022

Value, love & care for people, but don't hold on to them, they will leave.
Hold on to what is spiritual, supernatural and eternal. Learn to leave what is temporal. As long as you hold on to something that God wants you to let go, you can't pickup the mantle that you need to divide the obstacles that are in front of you.
- Elijah's departure was a supernatural experience.
- Elisha was given an opportunity to receive anything he wanted, but he asked for the double portion of the anointing.
- But there was a condition to receive what he wanted to receive. There is a condition for us to go to heaven. We must be prepared.
- There was a moment of separation that no one can avoid, but we must let go.
- The separation made a huge impact on the life of Elisha as he let Elijah go and held on to the mantle he received.

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