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Advent | A Season of Labor & Pain

December 9, 2020

Advent reminds us the coming of the Lord - the birth of Jesus, birth of Christ within us at salvation and the second coming of Jesus. The coming of the Lord reminds us the labor and pain associated with His birth into the world.
• That pain was upon the children of Israel in Egypt until a deliverer came
• It was upon Mary and Joseph as they were struggling to lodge and deliver the baby
• The pain was upon Mary and Joseph as they had to escape Herod soon after delivery
• The pain was upon the inhabitants of Bethlehem and the surrounding places as their sons below the age of 2 were killed
• The pain has been experienced by millions in the form of persecution as they choose to have Christ born in their lives
• That pain is upon the world today as the world is getting ready for His coming
• Even during His second coming, the pain and the terror are going to be experienced by those who reject Jesus

Advent is a time to remember the labor and pain associated with His coming. Advent is also
• Advent - A season of Expectant Joy
• Advent - A season of Hope for tomorrow
We will talk about these in the next two weeks

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